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Orbit Arts Academy

Singing Auditions for Musical Theater with
Broadway Conductor and Pianist T.O. Sterrett

Learn how to prepare and perform your very best singing audition through this interactive three hours with Mr. Sterrett. Within the class, pre-selected singers will "audition" for Mr. Sterrett as if they were auditioning for specific roles in a show. He will work in-depth with these "auditioners" on select musical theater pieces from their repertoire, coaching their performance and sharing his insights into many aspects of musical theater singing auditions.

"T.O. did an amazing Master Class in auditioning techniques with one of our performing ensembles [held in New York City]. I was very impressed with his musical knowledge and how the students improved. I recommend him highly!"

Carolyn Violi
Director of Music and Youth
Summerfest Musical Theatre
Birmingham, Alabama


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